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Certified Public Accountant
 Certified Fraud Examiner
Phoenix, Arizona USA
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Universities offer many new fraud courses.

Fraud Examination
Courses and Degrees
Offered by Universities

An increasing number of universities around the world are now offering courses about fraud examination. This is a good trend. Here's a list of the universities, degrees, courses, course numbers, books and contacts. The list is alphabetical by institution. Online courses are listed in red. Some online courses may be a hybrid of online assignments and in-class lectures. This list was compiled by Larry C. Adams, CPA, CFE, CIA, CISA.

If you know of others that should be listed, please send an e-mail to

In Arizona, fraud classes are available at:
     - DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management
        (Phoenix, Northeast Phoenix, and Mesa)
     - Arizona State University (ASU West in Phoenix)
     - Phoenix College

     - Pima Community College, Tucson, Downtown Campus

If you are seeking self-study or online courses offered by professional associations, see Fraud Courses - Self-study and Online.

Become a Student Associate of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Become a Student Associate of the ACFE

Adams State College
Alamosa, Colorado, USA
Carl W. Coolbaugh, Instructor
Fraud Examination (BUS 479), Text book: "Occupational Fraud and Abuse" by Joseph Wells

Adrian College
Adrian, Michigan, USA
David G. Coy, Professor of Accountancy/Business Administration

Alma College
Alma, Michigan, USA
Michael Trebesh, Associate Professor of Business Administration

Alvernia College
Reading, Pennsylvania, USA
Mary Ellen Wells, J.D., Assistant Professor of Business
Fraud Examination (BUS 205)

American Public University
Charles Town, West Virginia, USA
Master of Arts in Security Management with a concentration in Fraud Investigation
Criminal Justice Courses:
Organized Crime (CR524)
White Collar Crime (CR535)
Computer Crime (CR537) Online
Industrial Espionage (CR538)
Fraud Investigation (CR541) Online         Public Services Program

American University of Beirut
Riad El-Solh / Beirut, Lebanon
Dani Saad El-Dine, Assistant Director of  Internal Audit and Lecturer - School of Business
Fraud Examination and Internal Audit (ACCT 231)
Fraud Examination (ACCT 250B)
Business Ethics (PHIL 206)

Arizona State University West
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
School of Management
Fraud Accounting (W ACC 51078).

The ASU West School of Management is offering a new fraud examination course during the Fall 2004 semester (W ACC 494 Fraud Accounting, Schedule Line Number 51078). Fraud Accounting is an entry-level survey course designed to introduce the student to the basic concepts of fraud prevention and detection. The course will be taught using a variety of resources including guest speakers, video resources, and in-class assignments. Barbara J. Muller, CPA and Senior Lecturer, is teaching the course. Larry C. Adams, CPA, CFE, CIA, CISA will be a guest speaker on 08/30/2004 and in October. The class meets August 23 through December 13 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00pm to 6:15pm in room 201 of the Sands Building. The textbook is "Fraud Examination" by Dr. W. Steve Albrecht, CFE, CPA (July 2002 edition, $109).  Resident tuition is $621 for the 3 credit hour undergraduate course (45 hours for CPE). ASU West is at 4701 West Thunderbird Road in Phoenix, Arizona. Registration office (602) 543-8203. Online registration.

The School of Global Management and Leadership offers a  fraud examination course during the Summer 1st 5-week 2005 semester (W ACC 494 Fraud Accounting, Schedule Line Number 67380).

The Fraud Accounting class will be offered again in the evenings in the Fall 2005 semester, August 22 - December 14. (W ACC 494 Fraud Accounting, Schedule Line Number 33155)

Assumption College
Worchester, Massachusetts, USA
Business Studies
Frank Marino, Business Studies Faculty

Athens State University
Athens, Alabama, USA
Linda J. Hemingway, Associate Professor of Accounting
Advanced Auditing and Fraud Examination (AC 442)

Augustana College
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
Dr. Anne Oppegard, Department Chair, Business Administration

Austin Community College
Austin, Texas, USA
Larry Vinyard, Adjunct Accounting Instructor
Special Topics - Business Fraud (ACNT 1391) Fraud Examination

Baldwin-Wallace College
Derea, Ohio, USA
Linda Chase, Assistant Professor of Business Adminstration
Principles of Fraud Examination (BUS 462 SO1)

Baylor University
Waco, Texas, USA
Hankamer School of Business
Accounting and Business Law
C. William Thomas, Professor of Accounting
Ethics and Professionalism (ACC 4502)
Seminar in Auditing (Accounting 5330)

Bellarmine University
Louisville, Kentucky, USA
W. Fielding Rubel School of Business
Richard W. Schrader, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Bemidji State University
Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
College of Professional Studies
George F. Gardner, CFE, Professor of Accounting

Bentley College
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
McCallum Graduate School of Business
Martha Howe, Program Director, Accountancy and Accounting Information Systems
Fraud Examination (AC 332)

Binghamton University New
State University of New York
Binghamton, New York, USA
Forensic Accounting and Financial Fraud

Bloomsburg University
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
College of Business
Michael Blue, Associate Professor
Mike Shapeero, Associate Professor
Fraud Examination concentration offered by the Accounting Department
Fraud Examination
Advanced Fraud Examination
Computer Forensics and Fraud Examination
White Collar Crime

Blue Mountain Community College
Pendleton, Oregon, USA
Scott Wallace, Business Technologies

Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio, USA
College of Business Administration
Accounting and Management Information Systems
Dr. Alan T. Lord, Professor

Bradley University
Peoria, Illinois, USA
Foster College of Business Administration
Simon P. Petravick, Associate Professor, Accounting
Introduction to Fraud Examination (ATG 226)
Auditing (ATG 457)

Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah, USA
Marriott School of Management
School of Accounting and Information Systems
Steve Albrecht, CFE, Associate Dean
Mark Zimbelman, Assistant Professor
Fraud Audit (635)
Advanced Topics in Accounting: Forensic Accounting (692R)

Brookhaven College
Farmers Branch, Texas, USA
Corporate and Continuing Edication
Angela Jones, Workforce Development Specialist

California State University, Chico
Chico, California, USA
College of Business
Dr. Tim Kizirian, Associate Professor
Auditing (ACCT 221)

California State University, Sacramento
Sacramento, California, USA
Dr. John Corliss
Accounting 132
Accounting 132 has more in-depth coverage of fraud, including study of Statement of Auditing Standards (SAS #99) titled “Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit.” Accounting 132 will also stress the role internal control can play in preventing and detecting fraud. The course will also introduce students to two of the leading audit software packages (ACL and IDEA).

Capital University Law School
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Tax Fraud (874)

Carlow University     New
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
School of Management
Bachelor of Science in Forensic Accounting
Criminology and Ethics (ACF 331)
The Law and Fraud (ACF 332)
Fraud Investigation Techniques (ACF 333)
Fraud Examination  (ACF 440)

Champlain College
Burlington, Vermont, USA
Forensic Accounting

Charles Sturt University
Goulburn Campus, New South Wales, Australia
Centre for Investigative Studies and Crime Prevention
Tracey Green, Associate Professor, Course Coordinator
Graduate Certificate in Fraud
Graduate Diploma in Fraud Investigation

Investigative Interviewing (JST313)
Computers & Crime (JST408)
Investigative Processes (JST409)
Investigation Management 1 (JST410)
Investigation Management 2 (JST411)
Fraud Prevention (JST412)
Risk Management and Investigation (JST413)
Ethics and Professional Practice in Fraud Investigation (JST422)
Fraud Investigation (JST423)
Crime, Analysis & Investigation (JST426)
Intelligence Based Investigation (JST427)
Asset Tracing (JST473)
Investigating Computer Crime (JST4__)
Forensic Accounting (ACC593)
Advanced Forensic Accounting (ACC594)

Bathurst Campus, New South Wales, Australia
Commercial Crime (special)


Chinese University of Hong Kong
Central Learning Center, Hong Kong
School of Continuing Studies
Professional Diploma Programme in Fraud Examination
Fraudulent Financial Transactions
Legal Elements of Fraud
Fraud Investigation
Criminology and Ethics
Internal Control and Audit Skills

Cornell University
Ithaca, New York, USA
Financial Fraud, Abuse and Compliance in Healthcare (PAM 579)
Textbooks: "Managing Healthcare Compliance" By Scott C. Withrow and "Occupational  Fraud" by Joseph Wells
Internal Control in Hospitality Operations (HADM 421)

Cranfield University
Shrivenham, Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Royal Military College of Science
Department of Information Systems
Forensic Computing Foundation for Commercial Users (DOIS9)

Davenport University
Various locations in Michigan and northern Indiana, USA
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Forensic Accounting
Forensic Accounting (ACCT780)
Asset Recovery / Legal Environment (ACCT781)
Conducting Accounting Fraud Exams (ACCT782)
Forensic Accounting Data Analysis (ACCT783)

Drexel University   New
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
College of Law
Health Care Law Concentration
Regulating Health Care Fraud
Health Care Access and Payment
Health Care Transactions
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Marketing and Compliance
Conflicts in the Doctor-Patient Relationship

DeVry University
DeVry University has campuses in 23 states of the USA plus Alberta, Canada.

Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University
Keller offers a Master of Accounting and Financial Management (MAFM) degree with a Certified Fraud Examination (CFE) emphasis. Some courses are online. Some are blended courses with classes on campus plus online activities. You can download the Keller Graduate Course Catalog at
http://www.devry.edu/keller/catalog/Keller_Catalog_0506.pdf (100 pages)

Auditing: An Operational and Internal Perspective Including Fraud Examination (AC562)
Accounting Fraud Examination Concepts (AC572) 8 weeks, one night each week in an class on campus plus online assignments. Larry Adams is the instructor for AC572 at the Keller Phoenix Center
Accounting Fraud Criminology and Ethics (AC573)
Forensic Accounting and the Legal Environment (AC574)
E-Business Security (SE573) (Business program)
Information Security Law (SE575) (Computer Science program)
Forensic and Business Investigation Techniques (SE584) (Business program)

The Keller Graduate School of Management has three campuses in Arizona:
     Phoenix Center, 2149 West Dunlap Avenue, phone 602 870-0117
     Northeast Phoenix Center, 6969 East Mayo Boulevard, phone 480 657-3223
     Mesa Center, 1201 South Alma School Road, phone 480 827-1511

September/October 2006 Session Schedule for MAFM-CFE Courses in Arizona
Phoenix Center:
     Intermediate Accounting III (AC557)
     Forensic Accounting: Ethics and the Legal Environment (AC574),
          Instructor - Joyce Barden

Northeast Phoenix Center:
     Intermediate Accounting I (AC550)
     Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting Issues (AC559)
Mesa Center:
     Federal Taxes and Management Decisions (AC533)

November/December 2006 Session Schedule for MAFM-CFE Courses in Arizona
Phoenix Center:
     Accounting Fraud Criminology and Ethics (AC573), Instructor - Larry Adams
     External Auditing (AC555)
Northeast Phoenix Center:
     Intermediate Accounting II (AC551)
     Accounting Fraud Examination Concepts (AC572)
Mesa Center:
     Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting Concepts (AC559)

East Carolina University
Greenville, North Carolina, USA
Fraud Examination (Acct 3101)

Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Masters of Accounting in Forensic Accounting
Accounting Fraud Examination Concepts (ACG 6686)
Accounting Fraud Examination Conduct and Procedures (ACG 6687)
Forensic Accounting and the Legal Environment (ACG 6688)
Forensic Accounting, Tax Investigations and Fraud (ACG 6935)

Florida International University
Miami, Florida, USA
College of Business Administration
Center for Accounting, Auditing, and Tax Studies (CAATS)
Diploma in Fraud Examination
Auditing (ACG4651)
Fraud Examination (ACG 6688), Text books: "Fraud Examination for Managers and Auditors" by Jack Robertson and "Fraud Examination" by Steve Albrecht
Financial Markets and Institutions (FIN 4303) (FIN 6246)

Florida Institute of Technology
Melbourne, Florida, USA
Advanced Audit Theory and Application: Fraud Examination

Gainesville College
Gainesville, Georgia, USA
Fraud Examination (ACCT 3380)

George Washington University
Washington, D.C., USA
Classes in Arlington Graduate Center, Arlington, Virginia
Eva Vincze, Ph.D., Program Director
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, Computer Fraud Investigations
Forensic Accounting (FORS 232)
Conspiracy (FORS 235)
Industrial Espionage, Computer Crime, and Cyberterrorism (FORS 249)

Interdisciplinary Aspects of Forensic Science (Investigations) (FORS 250)
Computer Forensics I — Investigation and Evidence Gathering (FORS 262)
Computer Forensics II — Evidence Analysis (FORS 263)
Computer Forensics III — Advanced Techniques (FORS 264)

Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, Georgia, USA
Fraud Examination (ACCT 7131)

Graceland University
Lamoni, Iowa, USA
Forensic Accounting (ACCT 3390)

Hilbert College
Hamburg, New York, USA
Sandra Augustine, CPA, CFE, Chairperson Economic Crime Investigation Department
Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation Concentrations in computer security or financial investigations
Fraud Examination (ACC 430)
Forensic Accounting and Auditing (ACC 430)
Financial Investigations (BUS 313 - 1) (CJ 313)
Financial Investigations (BUS 313 - 2)
Financial Investigations (BUS 313 - 3)
Intelligence Research Methods (ECI 340 - 1)
Intelligence Research Methods (ECI 340 - 2)
Law of Economic Crime (ECI 350)
Computer Crime and Forensics (ECI 355) (MIS 350)

Hondros College
California, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, USA

Ohio Fraud in Insurance ( 3 Class Hours)

Illinois Wesleyan University  New
Bloomington, Illinois, USA
Accounting Fraud

Indiana University Southeast
New Albany, Indiana, USA
Kelley School of Business
Fraud Detection and Analysis (Business Valuation Certificate Program)
Fraud Issues in Business (B514)
Fraud Issues and Employment Law for Managers (E593)
Introduction to Research Ethics (G504) (Biotechnology Certificate Training Program)

Indiana Wesleyan University
Marion, Indiana, USA
College of Adult and Professional Studies
Fraud Examination (BUS 315)

Jamestown College
Jamestown, North Dakota, USA
Fraud Examination (Acct 465)

Keller Graduate School of Management (see DeVry University)

Kwantlen University College
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Introduction to Fraud Examination (FNSR 3111)

La Trobe University
City Campus, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Law and Management Department
Graduate Certificate in Fraud Investigation.
Credit towards a Master of Business Administration degree.
Fraud Investigation Course
Fraud Investigation Course (Intensive Course)
Fraud Investigation (LST51FRI)
Fraud Prevention and Detection (LST52FPD)
Fraud Investigation (LST52FRI)

Long Island University
Brookville, New York, USA
C.W. Post Campus
College of Management, School of Public Service
Master of Science in Criminal Justice, specializing in Fraud Examination
Introduction to Fraud Examination (CRJ 801)
Methods of Fraud Examination (CRJ 802)
Auditing Principles in Fraud Examination (CRJ 803)
Professional Accounting Standard in Fraud Examination (CRJ 804)
Fraud Examination and the Law (CRJ 805)
Ethics in Fraud Examination (CRJ 806)

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Annual Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference, July 17 and 18, 2006
Center for Internal Auditing
Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting (ACCT4235). Textbook, "Fraud Examination" by W. Steve Albrecht. Online course.
Professor Donald 'Larry' Crumbley, CPA, CFD, Cr.FA

Journal of Forensic Accounting: Auditing, Fraud, Risk (JFA)

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania New
Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA
Fraud Examination (AC-3370 190) Online
Auditing (ACC 4400)

McClellan Community College
Waco, Texas, USA

Forensic Accounting and Financial Fraud  (2 CEUs) (Self Study)

Melbourne University Private
Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Tobias Ruighaver, Course Coordinator
Melbourne Center for Criminal Research and Evaluation
Graduate Certificate in e-Crime Investigation
Graduate Certificate in Art Authentication
Electronic Crime Fundamentals (SE5011)
Electronic Crime and the Internet (SE5012)
Security and Risk Assessment (SE5013)
Computer Forensics (SE5014)
History and Theory of Art Authentication
Introduction to Art Authentication Techniques
Art Authentication Investigative Project
Issues in Art Fraud

Other courses:
IAFCI Seminars - Financial Crimes
International Association of Financial Crime Investigators, Australian Southern Region Chapter
Crime Mapping and Analysis Seminar

Meyers University
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Fraud Examination (AC440)

Millsaps College
Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Fraud Examination (ACCT 699)

Mississippi College
Clinton, Mississippi, USA
School of Business
Fraud Examination (ACC 6503)

New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
College of Business Administration and Economics
Fraud Examination (ACCT 490), Text book: "Fraud Examination" by Albrecht and Albrecht

New York Institute of Technology
Old Westbury, New York, USA
Ellis College
Advanced Assurance Topics (EIMA 621), Text book: "Fraud Examination" by Steve Albrecht

North Dakota State University
Fargo, North Dakota, USA
Distance and Continuing Learning
Fraud Investigation Minor, more information
Fraud Examination (ACC 410/610)
Advanced Fraud Examination (ACC 499)

Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Accounting & Corporate Fraud (ACC4328)
Fraud Detection and Prevention (ACC G212)
Audit and Other Assurance Services (ACC G233)
Fraud: The Dark Side of Business (ACC U602)
Occupational Fraud & Abuse (CBA G221)

Northwestern University  New
Chicago, Illinois, USA
School of Continuing Studies
Investigation & Prevention of Commercial Fraud, Certificate Program
Introduction to Commercial Crime (NC_FRAUD 403-0)
Commercial Fraud Prevention (NC_FRAUD 404-0)
Interviewing and Interrogation (NC_FRAUD 405-0)
Criminology and the Legal Elements of Commercial Crime (NC_FRAUD 406-0)
Electronic Data Investigations (NC_FRAUD 407-0)
Fraud Examination Techniques (NC_FRAUD 408-0)
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Exam Review Program (NC_CFE 409-0)

Nottingham Trent University   New
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Master of Science/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate - Fraud Risk Management   (Distance Learning) 
White-Collar Crime and Fraud Risk Management
Law Relating to Fraud
Organisational Analysis and Human Resourcing
Fraud Risk Management and Investigative Techniques
The Law Relating to Evidence and the Investigation Of Fraud
Information, Network and Internet Security
Research and Analytical Methods in Fraud Risk Management

Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Fisher College of Business
Fraud Examination (AMIS 894L)

Oklahoma Baptist University
Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA
Paul Dickinson School of Business
Fraud Examination (ACCT 460)

Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia, USA
College of Business and Public Administration
Fraud Examination (ACCT 625)

Otterbein College
Westerville, Ohio, USA
Fraud Examination (BADM 691)

Pacific University
Forest Grove, Oregon, USA
Fraud Examination (BA 318)

Phoenix College
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Administration of Justice Studies
Rick Wilson, Program Director
White Collar Crimes (AJS290BL)
The mini-course covers business-related criminal activities including computer fraud, pyramid schemes, false and misleading advertising, and security schemes. It identifies techniques of racketeering, loan sharking, and black markets. Mark E. Feddern, CPA, CFE is the instructor. Mark is a business consultant at iFour, inc. in Scottsdale. Mark also has experience working with the FBI, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department, and the Phoenix Police Reserves.  Full course outline. Administration of Justice Department. Subject code AJS290BL. Section 0220. Earns 1 credit hour for college or 15 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE).  Phoenix College is located at 1202 West Thomas Road. Register online at www.phoenixcollege.edu or phone (602) 285-7777.

Pima Community College New
Downtown Campus
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Principles of Fraud Examiunation (ACC298T1)
Janet Farler, Instructor
In today’s world of corporate accounting scandals, fraud examination is becoming one of the fastest growing career fields.  The FBI, IRS, financial institutions, US Postal Service, accounting firms and law enforcement all have positions for Fraud Examiners. Principles of Fraud Examination gives an overview of the field and explains examination methodology and prevalent fraud schemes. It also prepares students to take the Certified Fraud Examination. This class is recommended for accounting majors as well as any business majors hoping to become entrepreneurs, CEOs or managers.  This class would also be very useful for finance majors, as well as any one interested in the Criminal Justice System. 

Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, Kansas, USA
Fraud Examination (Accounting 625)

Roosevelt University
Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
Schaumburg Campus
Walter E. Heller College of Business Administration
School of Accounting
Deborah Pavelka, Director
Fraud Examination (ACCT 471-30)

St. Ambrose University
Davenport, Iowa, USA
Insurance Education
Carol Jensen, ABD
Victimized by Identity Theft & Fraud (#C52627) (6 credit hours)

Saint Xavier University
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Chicago Campus
Graham School of Management
Master of Business Administration degree with concentration in Financial Fraud Examination and Management
Director, William J. Kresse, MS, JD, CPA, CFE, CrFA
Identity Theft and Computer-Related Fraud (BUSGR 513)
Financial Statement Fraud (BUSGR 514)
Fraud Examination (BUSGR 515)
Ethical Issues in Financial Fraud Examination and Management (BUSGR 516)

Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, Texas, USA
Fraud Examination (ACC461)

Southwest Missouri State University
Springfield, Missouri, USA
Special Topics in Accounting - Fraud Examination (ACC 697), Text book: "Fraud Examination" by Albrecht and Albrecht

Southwestern Community College
Sylva, North Carolina, USA
Selected Topics: Forensic Accounting (ACC 193)

St. John's University
New York, New York, USA
School of Law
Bankruptcy Ethics, Fraud, and Malpractice
Federal Securities Regulation

St. Philip's College
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Fraud Examination

Suffolk University Law School
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

SUNY Canton 
State University of New York
Canton, New York, USA
School of Business and Public Service
Criminal Justice
Steven V. Gilbert, Chair of Criminal Investigation Department
Financial Compliance and Regulation (JUST325)
Questioned Documents (JUST330)

Texas State University
San Marcos, Texas, USA
Identifying and Preventing Fraud in the Medicaid Program
The Fraud/T.I.L.E. course is intended for Long Term Care (LTC) nurses.
Texas Index of Level of Effort (T.I.L.E.)

Thomas College
Waterville, Maine, USA
Fraud Examination (AC 241)

Tunxis Community College
Farmington, Connecticut, USA
Special Topics: Forensic Accounting - Fraud Examination

University College of the Caribbean
Jamaica, West Indies
College of Business Administration
Fraud Examination

University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA
School of Law
Business Crimes (LAW 613)
Business Fraud Seminar: Torts and Crimes (LAW 784)

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
School of Business
Instructors: Dr. Tommie W. Singleton and Dr. Richard A. Turpen
Forensic Accounting and Information Tech (AC 472 and IS 472)
Fraud Examination (AC 473 and IS 473)

University of Bradford
Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Master of Science in Forensic Computing
Hi-Tech Crimes

University of California at Irvine
Irvine, California, USA
School of Social Ecology
White Collar Crime (C142)
White Collar and Corporate Crime (C238)
Enron Course
Healthcare Fraud (SE 22372)

University of Canberra
Canberra, Australia
Fraud Examination (005990)

University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida, USA
Seminar in Fraud Auditing (ACG 6685)

University of Central Oklahoma
Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
Fraud Auditing (ACCT 4383)

University of Houston
Houston, Texas, USA
Law Center
Tax Fraud and Money Laundering, Text book: "Tax Crimes" by Jack Townsend
C. T. Bauer College of Business
Fraud Examination (ACCT 4397)

University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Fraud Examination (ACTG 594) (ACTG 573)

University of Manitoba
Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada
Continuing Education
Management, Professional, and Community Programs
Fraud Examination: Embezzlement - Skimming - Money Laundering - Corruption - Bribery
Fraud Examination, Part 1 (98225)
Fraud Examination, Part 2 (98226)

University of New Mexico   New
Main Campus
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Robert O. Anderson Schools of Management (ASM)
Contact: Dr. Richard G. Brody, CFE, CPA
Fraud Examination (MGMT 594B) - Special Topics in Management
Law for Accountants (559)
Forensic Accounting (641)

University of New Orleans
New Orleans and Slidell, Louisiana, USA
College of Business Administration
Fraud Examination (Accounting 6169)

University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia
School of Law
Commercial Fraud (LAWS 9994)
Corporate Fraud and Crime (LEGT7812)
Corporate Fraud and Crime (LEGT5575)

Other courses:
Data Mining Workshop

University of North Carolina at Charlotte  (UNNC) New
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Belk College of Business
Contact: Dr. Robert E. Guinn, CPA
Current Developments in Accounting: Fraud Examination (ACCT 3900)

Office of Continuing Education
Contact: Ray Hutton, CA, CFI, CFE, CAMS
Take both courses and receive a Forensic Accounting Certificate from UNNC
Forensic Accounting: Principles of Fraud Examination
Forensic Accounting: Fraud Prevention and Detection

University of Portsmouth
Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Institute of Criminal Justice Studies
Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board (CFPAB)
Bachelor of Science in Counter Fraud and Criminal Justice Studies
Public Sector Fraud
The Fraud Problem
Anti-Fraud Strategies

University of South Florida
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
College of Business
Master of Business Administration with Forensic Accounting concentration
Fraud Examination (ACG 6936)
Forensic Accounting (ACG 6936)
Internal Auditing and Investigations (ACG 6936)
IT Auditing and Investigations (ACG 6936)
Contemporary Issues in Forensic Accounting (ACG 6936)

University of Teesside
Middlesbrough, Tees Valley, United Kingdom
Business, Management, and Human Resources
Bachelor of Science in Investigative Studies
Certificate of Fraud Management
Diploma of Fraud Management
Masters Award of Fraud Management
Master of Science in Criminal Investigation

University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas, USA
McCombs School of Business
Studies in Auditing: Fraud Examination (383K.4) Textbook, Fraud Examination for Managers and Auditors by Jack C. Robertson
Conference on Corporate Governance and Control Fraud
Governance and Ethics in Non-Profit Sector (PA882A)
Occupational Fraud and Abuse

University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Forensic Accounting (4323)
Police and National Security Intelligence (4433)
White Collar Crime (4653)
Cyber Forensics (4483)

University of Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Fraud: Defining the Battleground - The Fleecing of Business
Cyber Corps Symposium 2004

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA
Fraud Examination (BUS 407)

University of Wisconsin - River Falls
River Falls, Wisconsin, USA
Fraud Examination

University of Wisconsin - Superior
Superior, Wisconsin, USA
Fraud Examination (ACT 465)

University of Wollongong
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sydney Business School
Master of Forensic Accounting
Fraud and Failure (ACCY 952)
Forensic and Litigation Framework (ACCY951)

Research Project A (ACCY 958) Independent research in a specialised area within broad topic of Fraud in a Global Economic Environment. Identifying transnational corporate fraud and the forensic analysis of transnational corporations are areas within that broad topic.
Research Project B (ACCY 959) Independent research in a specialised area within the broad topic of Globalisation and Financial Fraud. Money Laundering, Underground Banking, Tax Havens, Fiscal Termites and Financial Terrorists are areas within that broad topic.
Transnational Corporate Crime (LEGL920)
Crime and Transnational Financial Transactions (LEGL921)
Crime and Information Technology Regulation (LEGL923)
Transnational Organised Crime (LEGL940)

University of Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming, USA
Fraud Examination (ACCT 5065-1)

Utica College
Utica, New York, USA
Economic Crime Degrees
Bachelor of Science Degree in Economic Crime Management (Online) (Computer Security or Financial Investigations concentration)
Master of Science in Economic Crime Management (Online)
George E. Curtis, J.D., Director of Economic Crime Graduate Programs
Utica College offers a Master of Science degree program in Economic Crime Management - the only graduate level program of its kind in the United States. The self-paced study program was developed in cooperation with the Economic Crime Investigation Institute (ECII).
Master of Business Administration in Fraud Management (Online)
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Auditing (AC 406) (ACC406)
Economic Crime Investigation (CJ 334) (CRJ 334Z) (CRJ 334)
Cybercrime and Law Investigations (CJ 335) (CRJ 335)
Law of Economic Crime (CJ 343)
Computer Forensics (CJ 435) (CRJ 435)
Senior Seminar in Economic Crime (CJ 461)
Corruption and Organized Crime (CRJ 313)
Fraud Prevention and Detection Technologies (CRJ 347)
Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics I (CRJ 355)
Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics II (CRJ 356)
Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics III (CRJ 455)
Information System Attacks, Threats, and Defenses (CRJ 362)
Economic Crime Management Proseminar (ECM 601)
Advanced Economic Crime (ECM 621)
Legal Concepts of Criminal Fraud and Corporate Criminal Liability (ECM 622Z) (ECM 622)
Fraud Management and Technology (ECM 631)
Research and Analytical Methods in Fraud Management (ECM 641Z) (ECM 641)
Advanced Fraud Analysis (ECM 642)
Management of Fraud Detection and Prevention (EFM 601)
Seminar in Fraud Management (EFM 602)
Management for Fraud Detection and Prevention (EFM 603) (ECM603)
Seminar in Fraud Management (EFM 604) (ECM 604)
Legal and Investigative Issues for Fraud Management (EFM 535) (ECM 535)
Advanced Fraud Investigation and Analysis (EFM 621) (ECM 623)
Seminar in Assurance and Forensic Accounting (EFM 604)

Villa Julie College New
Stevenson, Maryland, USA
Phone (410) 486-7001
Jessica Kozera, Director, Transfer and Graduate Admissions
Degrees: Master in Forensic Studies Accounting track, Information Technology track, and Legal track
On-site and online courses are offered
Criminal Justice (FSCOR 601)
Criminology (FSCOR 602)
Evidence (FSCOR 604)
Mock Trial Experience Capstone (FSCOR 701)
Forensic Information Technology (FSAAC 620)
Fraud: Accounting (FSAAC 624)
Investigation and Analysis: Auditing (FSAAC 626)
White Collar Crime (FSLAW 668)
Fraud Investigation and Analysis (FSLAW 662)
White Collar Crime (FSLAW 668)

Washburn University
School of Business
Topeka, Kansas, USA
Fraud Examination (AC 428)
Novella Clevenger, CPA, CFE, JD, CGFM, Associate Professor of Taxation

Western Illinois University
Macomb, Illinois, USA
College of Business and Technology
Fraud Examination (ACT 457), Text book: "Fraud Examination" by Steve Albrecht

Western Virginia University
Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
Graduate Certificate in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation
Information Technology Auditing (ACCT 521)
Fraud Detection and Deterrence (ACCT 556)
Fraud Investigation (ACCT 581)
Fraud Data Analysis (ACCT 582)
Fraud: Criminology/Legal Issues (ACCT 583)
Advanced Fraud Investigation (ACCT 584)

Wichita State University
Wichita, Kansas, USA
School of Community Affairs, Criminal Justice Program
Fraud Examination (CJ381C)
Fraud Examination (CJ383C)

William Howard Taft University
Santa Ana, California, USA
Tax Fraud and Evasion (Tax 711)

York College of the City University of New York
Jamaica, New York, USA
Mary-Jo Kranacher, CFE, CPA, Assistant Professor of Accounting
Fraud Examination (Accounting 338)


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